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License Medical offers genuine question bank for MRCP part 1 courses in UK. We design the question format by keeping in mind the exam pattern. Using this, you can be one step closer to part 2 exam.

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MRCP Part 1 Question Bank Best of Five

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MRCP Part 1 question bank course by license medical the perfect way to master your question format to the level needed to pass your real exam Day. Over 200 questions best of five made concise and cover all the topics for the exam target. The questions are expanded daily. It can give you a score like real examination method. So you can assess yourself regularly. You can try questions as many times as your subscription is going. You can also choose questions from specific speciality so you will strengthen your weak areas.

License-medical has been written by experienced doctors for your aim and goals. It is worth trial before your exam because of the variable types of questions will help and strength your area of weakness. You can find short and long type, best of five questions and then scores as real test. These types of questions in licensed-medical are high yield in clinical medicine. Some diagrams which summaries most UK guidelines. Our students you are willing to be super productive or whenever will make you pass this type of question.

One of the most effective learning methods is mrcp part 1 best of five mcqs which we are giving you plenty of materials that will apply to all clinical cases with clear explanations. Questions are almost clear enough to be fully understood by doctors. Mrcp part 1 is the first step for specialization in UK and as one of the most favorable and recognizable qualifications all over the world. These questions also could use learning points that would be very helpful for mrcp and other finals. You can contact us on for any queries.

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MRCP PART 1 Question Banks Improve your learning

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MRCP Examination – A Brief Insight

MRCP PART 1 Question Banks Improve your learning

Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP) examination dates back to the 1860s. For over a century now it has been a mandatory examination for postgraduate medical diploma students in the UK. Here is a brief insight into the MRCP examination. is offering wide range of Q banks covering all topics.

MRCP examinations are run by the Federation of the Medical Royal Colleges. This federation is comprised of three colleges: the Royal College of Physicians of London, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. However, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland hosts a separate MRCPI qualification.

MRCP examinations are hosted across the UK as well as internationally. The Federation of the Medical Royal Colleges collaborates with foreign organizations to set up temporary testing centers all over the world including in Africa and the Middle East. However, examinations hosted outside the UK are considerably more expensive than those hosted within the UK. Countries where MRCP examination centers have been set up in the past include Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar, and Egypt, among others.

MRCP examinations are especially popular in Singapore as they are often taken in combination with MMed. They are also popular in Hong Kong where they are held in conjunction with MHKCP intermediate examinations.

MRCP Examination has evolved over the years, and much of its content touches on professionalism and communication skills. It is composed of three parts: MRCP part 1, MRCP part 2, and MRCP part 2 clinical examination (PACES).

MRCP part 1 and part 2 are written papers that are comprised of multiple-choice questions that are designed in the best format from a choice of five formats. MRCP part 2 clinical examination (PACES), on the other hand, is a carousel that is comprised of five stations that conduct different tests:

• Station 1 tests the learner’s ability to examine the abdomen and respiratory system.
• Station 2 tests the learner’s ability to record history.
• Station 3 tests the learner’s ability to perform a neurological examination and examine the cardiovascular system.
• Station 4 examines the learner’s medical ethics and communication skills.
• Station 5 requires the learner to take a focused examination and history, come up with a differential diagnosis and management plan, and then communicate the plan to a patient.


The main objective of MRCP examinations is to assess the competence, skills, and knowledge of physicians across the UK. Consequently, these examinations are also used to assure the public, as well as employers, of the medical sector’s well-being. In particular, the public’s confidence in the physicians is assured. Additionally, employers are assured of their employees’ professionalism; besides, MRCP examinations are positive for the physician’s credential and employment opportunities.

MRCP examinations are also designed to resemble North American examinations. Most physicians in North America advance their knowledge and skills by sitting for specialist examinations after acquiring their certification in Internal Medicine. MRCP examinations seek to do the same as they are for postgraduate candidates. Consequently, this qualifies UK physicians to operate both in the UK and North America as well as across the world.

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